Eye Donor Organization team is made up of numerous people from many different backgrounds that have accepted the special calling of health care. From physicians and nurses, to housekeepers and clerical staff, everyone at Eye Donor Organization is part of an extended, caring family. Our hospital family also includes dedicated volunteers who generously give their time and expertise to Eye Donor Organization. These dedicated people spend countless hours helping Eye Donor Organization fulfill its mission of service to the community. Customer service is an integral part of Eye Donor Organization mission. As we strive to provide an excellent service to our patients, we also emphasis the importance of customer service between each other. It is all part of our people-oriented mission.

Statistics of our Eye hospital is as under:


i)            No. of patients treated                                   :        1,080,000

ii)           No. of patients given free medicines                :        590,000

iii)          No. of patients given free glasses                    :        27,500

iv)          No. of Free surgeries performed                      :        31,700

v)            No. of surgeries of non-deserving                             

               Patients performed on subsidized rate              :        23,400

vi)          No. of Phacoemulsification surgeries                :        10,200